General rules for publishing

ISSN: 2708-3659

First : Publishing instructions: 

The journal accepts publishing the researches written in Arabic and English, in the Humanities and Applied Sciences according to the following conditions:

  1. The research should be original and in accordance with the scientific research methodology.
  2. Papers submitted for publication should not have been published previously or being considered for publication elsewhere. If these papers have been accepted elsewhere, they should not be published in the same form without a written consent of the editor in chief.
  3. The research should be written in good language and typed on computer using Microsoft Word according to the following typing font and size: Arabic papers (Traditional Arabic) font size (16) with a pace of (1.15) and English (Times New Roman) font size (12) with a space of (1.15) on one side in A4 size paper with 3cm margins in both sides. Submitted papers should not be more than 30 pages consecutively numbered including figures, tables, pictures, appendixes and references. The editor has the right to consider the researches that exceed these limits according to the nature of that research.
  4. The research must have an accurate referencing system and follow the following:
  5. Sources are referred to in the main text through the use of numbers in brackets according to its consecutive numbers and listed at the end of the research in the reference list. It should have the: (Author’s surname, date of publication, title of the book or research, the publisher, date of publication,) Journals: (Author’s name, title of research, title of the journal, volume number, issue, year and page number)
  6. All the references sited in the main text are listed at the end according to the research method. References from foreign languages should be listed in a separate list and alphabetically ordered.

Second: Publishing procedures:

  1. The researcher should submit a written statement stating that the research is original and not published or submitted to be published to any other scientific institution.
  2. Papers should be submitted in original and three copies along with a soft copy saved in a CD. The research cover should contain (the author’s name, academic title, address, tel. number and his e-mail) and the receipt of publication fee.
  3. If the author is submitting a paper to the journal for the first time, he /she should provide a brief CV.
  4. Abstracts of (100-150 words) should be presented in Arabic and English.
  5. The editor in chief has the right to ask authors to make minor or major corrections on their papers before publication.
  6. Authors are informed about the date of receiving their papers and the editorial completes the referee procedures.
  7. Authors are informed whether their papers are accepted for publishing or not after the assessment of qualified referees within 3 months of receiving the paper.
  8. If referees suggest addition or modification on the paper, it is returned to the author to do them before it is published and to be returned within 2 weeks’ time.

Third: General Rules :

  1. The papers which are not prepared according to the publication rules and conditions will be rejected and not returned to the author.
  2. The journal is not obliged to return the papers to their authors whether these papers are published or not.
  3. All the publishing rights belong to the journal. It is not permitted to reprint or quote any part of the journal without a written consent from the editor in chief.
  4. The research papers represent only the opinion of their authors and not necessarily the opinion of the journal or the university.
  5. Authors who are not of the teaching staff of Al-Rayan university have to pay (20000 YR) twenty thousand Yemeni Riyals for publishing in the journal. These fees should be deposited to Al-Omgy exchange company – account number (254038674). Researches from outside Yemen have to pay (150$) one hundred and fifty US dollars.
  6. Upon apology for non-publication, the fees mentioned in paragraph (5) item ( third ) above shall not be returned
  7. Correspondences and research papers can be mailed and sent to the editor in chief to the following journal address: Al-Rayan Journal for Applied Sciences and Humanities -Al-Ensha’at- Fowa – Mukalla – Hudhramout, Yemen, Phone Number: 009675362940 or to the Email :